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1. Under Sixteens

FREE Plants, compost and container are provided to enable you to create your entry - just come to Mayfield Nurseries on Saturday 27th April (10-3pm), or Saturday 11th May (11-1pm) , or Saturday 4th May (2-4pm) to Townhill Park Community Centre, Meggeson Avenue.
Having created your entry you can take it home to ‘grow on’ and bring it to Mayfield Nurseries on Saturday 6th July (10-1pm) for judging.
(You may bring your entry to Mayfield Nurseries earlier if you will be away on the judging date.)

2. Private Garden

Any size, eye catching and welcoming

3. First Time Entry - Private Garden

Any size or style: don’t underestimate how good your garden is

4. Cottage Style Garden

To include an informal blend of flowers, fruit and vegetables

5. Wildlife Garden

Attractive to wildlife, providing food and shelter 
Use of composting and water conservation is part of this garden

6. Small or Courtyard Garden

For those with limited space no larger than 70 square metres. This can be a front or back garden
You can enter this and another garden category providing they are separate spaces

7. Frontage, walkway or individual balcony - (for those who live in a flat)

Innovative, use of space, may include tubs, hanging baskets, boxes, grow bags and other containers

8. Individual Garden / Communal Area in Sheltered Housing

A garden within a sheltered housing complex of benefit to all residents and visitors

9. Area in a Care Setting

Planted area in a care home or day centre setting
This can be a raised bed, group of containers or a garden area

10. Container including tubs and window boxes

Containers or window boxes and their suitability, position and ease of maintenance
Please choose which container is to be judged

11. Hanging Basket or Wall Container

Any display elevated from the ground
Please choose which basket or container is to be judged

12. Public or Commercial Building

Any display taking advantage of the space available


Special awards may also be given for an outstanding area in a garden or for something worthy of a special mention.



Haskins Garden Centre

Mayfield Nurseries

Exbury Gardens

MacGregors Plants,

Treemenders Tree Surgeons

Steve Brookwell

M. Whittaker & S Cottell


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